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French violinist Annabelle Berthomé-Reynolds playing Bacewicz: Complete Violin Sonatas / Muso / Release Date : 11th Oct 2019

Such an excitement : We are delighted to announce the latest release of French violinist Annabelle Berthomé-Reynolds. Her album playing rare Grazyna Bacewicz sonatas is officially released today with Muso. You can purchase it on all major platforms and most superstores.

In this debut album with Muso, Annabelle along with her piano partner Bulgarian pianist Ivan Donchev, brought a superb opportunity to discover Grazyna Bacewicz. The double album highlights the Bacewicz sonatas for violin and piano along with solo violin pieces.

Furthermore, this is the very first complete Bacewicz violin sonatas recording in one single boxset! 

Recording at the stunning Penderecki European Music Centre in Luslawice, Poland brought the perfect setting to bring the Polish composers pieces to life.

In addition, the album was selected and broadcast before its official release date by France Musique.

Annabelle loves rare, powerful scores. She has imbued herself with this music. Together with her piano partner Ivan Donchev, they fill this album with vitality and poetry to make the boxset a real discovery, already a classic interpretation.

We can’t wait to hear from you on Annabelle’s social networks! We will be sharing more news and behind the scenes photos on Annabelle’s new Instagram. The album release marks the beginning of Annabelle’s tours across Europe. Follow along with us and stay tuned for dates and cities on the Facebook page. We welcome you to discover French violinist Annabelle Berthomé-Reynolds live!

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« This writing is highly demanding and Berthomé-Reynolds deserves a medal for her handling of the extensive double-stops, especially in the two solo sonatas »

4-star review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

BBC Music Magazine

LIVE 😍 France Musique 😍 (2)

Watch the full live broadcast on France Musique here!

Heartfelt thanks to Generations France Musique, le Live – a show produced and presented by Clément Rochefort – for bringing Bacewicz’s incredible universe to light 🙏

Part 2

Annabelle has dedicated 2 years of her life to outstanding Polish woman composer Grażyna Bacewicz and recorded her complete violin sonatas for Muso with pianist Ivan Donchev (2019).

Here is her live performance of Sonata for Solo Violin No. 2 (1958), “a real killer for many violinists” as the American critic Lynn René Bailey said!

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LIVE 📣 France Musique 📣 (1)

Watch the full live broadcast on France Musique here!

Generations France Musique, le Live, a show produced and presented by Clément Rochefort.

Part 1

Régis Campo, Grand Prix SACEM 2020 and a permanent member of the Académie des Beaux-Arts, Institut de France dedicated his last piece for solo violin called “Yop!” (2020) to Annabelle. A tremendous piece inspired by an Icelandic troll in the middle of a psychotic transe! 😅 Enjoy !!

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NEW Video 🎬 – Denise BOSSE : Les Sons Insensés (Première Recording)

[VIDEO] 📽 💌 In these hare-brained times of regenerated violence, this recording is dedicated to Denis Bosse in their shared desire to denounce the absurdity of war. Saturated sounds, reminiscent of screams and terrifying flying motors alternate with high-pitch, refined if not undefined, subtle, often distant voices. Mankind’s vulnerability prevails. Always. But at which cost? 

Denis Bosse – Lettres aux Sons du Monde, Lettre 3 : Les Sons Insensés for Solo Violin (2015)

Commission of the International Grumiaux Violin Competition 

Full HD Available

Recorded with gratitude 🙏 and an enriched soul from this meaningful and highly valuable collaboration at Theatre De La Balsamine, Brussels, Belgium. The Balsamine is built on the site of the former Dailly military barracks in Schaerbeek

Annotations on the score by Denis Bosse :

Cette “lettre aux sons du monde” est une lettre aux sons des guerres. Une lettre aux sons insensés des guerres. C’est pourquoi les sonorités sont mises en relation par des principes d’absurdité et de non-sens comme ceux qui sont magnifiés dans toute guerre sous forme de logique de guerre.

Ainsi il est souvent proposé à l’interprète des situations qui tendent vers l’extrême jusqu’à des sonorités impossibles, inaudibles, voire vouées à l’échec.

A l’instar du jusqu’au boutisme stupide des guerriers imbéciles, la virtuosité réside ici dans la tentative fanatique de soutenir malgré tout et le plus longtemps possible des situations sonores absurdes et cela jusqu’à faire entendre l’éclatement de ces situations, leurs explosions, leurs décompositions.

Ce sera d’ailleurs le seul critère esthétique valable pour cette pièce, celui qui permettra de juger le niveau de virtuosité de l’interprète: lorsqu’il amènera farouchement les sons jusqu’à leurs destructions. Une virtuosité de la noirceur. Seule peut-être une tierce comme un faible appel désespéré.

This “letter aux sons du monde” is a letter to the sounds of wars. A letter to the senseless sounds of wars. This is why the sonorities are interrelated by principles of absurdity and nonsense just like those that are magnified in any war as war logic.

Thus, situations ranging from tending towards the extreme to sonorities which are impossible, inaudible, even doomed to failure, are often proposed to the interpreter.

Following the example of the stupid, all out behaviour of imbecile warriors, the virtuosity here lies in the fanatical attempt to sustain, against all odds, and for as long as possible, absurd sound situations and this up to the point where the explosion of these situations, their blasts, and their breaking apart, can be heard.

Indeed, this will be the only valid aesthetic criterion for this piece, the one that will allow us to judge the performer’s level of virtuosity: when he will fiercely bring sounds to their destruction. A virtuosity of darkness. Perhaps only the third played constitutes a faint desperate call.

With warm thanks to :

🎬 Philippe Mottet  – Images

📣 SAR Sound

👺 Monica Gomes, Director – Theatre De La Balsamine 

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