Ives Violin Sonatas : New recording of pioneering experimentalist’s four sonatas


10/2016 – LM, SYDNEY

Berthomé-Reynolds brings a delicate lyricism to these intricate but very accessible works, and the interplay between violin and piano is unified and sympathetic.

Ives veers from rousing sprightliness to dreamy pastoral (sometimes within a few bars) and Berthomé-Reynolds and Herten navigate this terrain with an easy but precise sensitivity: the Largo from Sonata No 4 is as light as gently rustling leaves.

The recording quality is spacious and warm.

La Folia Music Review

“Con Slugarocko”. Charles IVES: Sonatas for Violin and Piano

9/2016 – Grant Chu Covell, Managing Editor, BOSTON

A successful pass at the violin and piano sonatas ought to draw some sweat and present a wee bit of coarseness. Berthomé-Reynolds and Herten provide the right amount of practiced inexactitude.

In No. 1, the material that also appears verbatim in Symphony No. 4 has a delightful swagger and reflection of the orchestral palette. When Ives lands on the wrong key or takes an unexpected turn, Berthomé-Reynolds and Herten express their surprise along with a pinch of admiration.

The 10-minute No. 4 which contains Ives’ con slugarocko marking, is a gem.

CD Review – Ives: Sonatas for Violin & Piano Nos. 1-4 (White)

7/2016 – Kiersten van Vliet, MONTRÉAL, Québec

French violinist Annabelle Berthomé-Reynolds approaches the difficult material with a keen sensitivity. Along with pianist Dirk Herten, this disc captures the composer’s reverent approach to composition, while maintaining a forthrightness and simplicity of expression.

Many Colours for Charles Ives  

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

7/2016 – Rémy Franck, Editor in chief, LUXEMBOURG

With this music, the result of the exchange between Annabelle Berthomé-Reynolds and Dirk Herten is impressive because, while Hahn’s version sounds somewhat academic, the French Berthomé and the Belgian Herten bring up a substance-rich sound to the sonatas in a very confident way. Here clearly more than only technique has been considered, and so the music becomes full of expression. The colors are richer and above all warmer than with Hahn/Lisitsa and the balance between both instruments is perfect.

Charles Ives – Sonatas for Violin and Piano – Con Slugarocko

6/2016 – Holly Moors, Moors Magazine, NETHERLANDS

The symphonic works that (Charles Ives) wrote are still played out regularly, but sometimes you’ll be surprised with other gems, such as the four Sonatas for Violin and Piano by the Belgian pianist Dirk Herten and violinist Annabelle Berthomé-Reynolds (…) The pieces are nicely executed, with a good sense of the subtlety that characterises Ives (…). The refinement of Ives’ chamber music stands out here by all means exceptionally well.