BACEWICZ reviewed by Norman Lebrecht : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Slipped Disc, UK 🇬🇧
We are absolutely thrilled to have been reviewed by the great Norman Lebrecht, what a treat! 
Also in the famous MyScena /La Scena Musicale/ LEBRECHT WEEKLY and the not least famous LEBRECHT LISTENS chronicle in Ludwig van Toronto Magazine.

In the Lebrecht Album of the Week :

« An accomplished violinist and friend, the eight works on this release for violin and piano reveal as much as we are likely ever to know about [Bacewicz’s] inner world. Every work of Bacewicz informs us that her life was hard and her freedoms limited. But once the conversation starts, you really don’t want it to end. »

« The excellent players here are Annabelle Berthomé-Reynolds (violin) and Ivan Donchev (piano). They really get it. »

Many, many thanks, dear Norman, we are extremely touched! 

🎧💟 Muso Label / Ivan Donchev / European Krzystzof Penderecki Music Centre / Małgorzata Polańska

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Annabelle’s latest SOLO VIDEO is NOW online!

[VIDEO] 🎬 Annabelle is thrilled to share with you her new recording : David CHAILLOU – SOLO for Solo Violin, composed just last year. This piece has it all, wonderful imagination, drive and emotional power. It was filmed and recorded at Espace de Cultures & Creation in Wavre, in peaceful Belgian countryside.

Music lovers, it truly deserves to be performed! We’re sure you will share it around! 👉💌

With warm thanks to Phil Mottet for his stunning images 🎥

👉 Full HD available

📅 Next concert featuring SOLO : Nov 27th, 2020, Breda Lunchtime Concert Series, Breda, NL

BBC Music Magazine, BACEWICZ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

« This writing is highly demanding and Berthomé-Reynolds deserves a medal for her handling of the extensive double-stopping, especially in the two solo sonatas » – 12/2019

Thank you to Jessica Duchen, what a beautiful gift, Annabelle Berthomé-Reynolds is extremely touched! 🙏❤️

🎧💟 Muso Label / Ivan Donchev / Małgorzata Polańska / European Krzystzof Penderecki Music Centre

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Stunning : BACEWICZ nominated to the International Classical Music Awards (ICMA) 2020 !

We are thrilled to announce Annabelle’s nomination to the International Classical Music Awards (ICMA) 2020 in the Category “Chamber Music” for her Album BACEWICZ: Complete Violin Sonatas with the fantastic Ivan Donchev and Muso Label !! 🎧 
ICMA Awards will be announced in January !!! ❤️

Annabelle is very grateful to her whole team and in particular to her dear Director Olivier Vannieu and Artistic Director Malgorzata Polanska. 

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