NEW • Nicolas BACRI Solo Violin Sonata #2

[VIDEO] 📽 Annabelle is absolutely delighted to present Nicolas Bacri’s wonderful Sonata for Solo Violin No. 2! // Full HD Available.

It was filmed in a lovely 18th-century listed barn house in the Belgian countryside. Such a treat to have been able to do so during lockdown!

This recording is dedicated to Nicolas Bacri, with gratitude for his outstanding writing, constant inspiration and wonderful collaboration.

Annabelle’s warmest thanks go also to Philippe Mottet for his stunning images, Eva Vandermarlière (assistant), SAR (sound balance) and Annouche Katzeff & Pascal Leroy for their generosity.

Enjoy and share this wonderful gift !

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Extra Credits / The score was composed in 1996-97, dedicated to Renaud Capuçon and published by Éditions Durand. More at

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